Storm Damage

Onpoint roofing - Storm DamageThe power of nature can be overwhelming for some homes. This can result in damage all over the home, but storm damage generally causes the most problems on the roof. A roof protects the home against most aspects of a storm, including hail and the effects of high wind. A roof can withstand the onslaught of most storms, but on occasion a storm can do a significant amount of damage to even the best-made roofs.

With a combination of factors like the age of the roof, individual characteristics of a storm, and the quality of the roof, a roof may receive substantial damage from a storm, particularly when high winds and hail are involved. When a significant amount of damage has amassed from the storm, the roof’s integrity is compromised. When a roof is compromised or no longer functioning in its optimal state, you and your family will be at risk.

Roof Repair from Storm Damage

Onpoint roofing - Storm DamageWhen dealing with the damage from hail, high wind, and different kinds of high-impact storms, we at Onpoint Roofing can help you repair your roof and bring it back to an optimal state. When you wait too long to repair your roof, you’ll be at a greater risk of accruing damage from future storms and high winds. In severe cases, there’s also a risk that your roof can collapse if enough negative circumstances come into play. Stay ahead of the curve and give us a call today to schedule a checkup for your roof.

The quicker you respond to the damage of a storm, the higher the likelihood that your roof can be completely restored to working condition. When a roof is left to take even more damage over time, a homeowner may be at risk of needing a complete roof replacement, which will cost more than a standard roof repair.

Are you ready to check on your roof and reverse the effects of even the worst storms? Give us a call at Onpoint Roofing today! We’ll help you assess the damage of any storm and can do any repairs necessary to restore your roof to its original condition.

Insurance Specialists

As a community driven provider of roofing repair, installation, and maintenance, we want to make it as easy as possible to get your home in an optimal state. At Onpoint Roofing, we work with as many insurance companies in the area as possible, making us the leading provider of insurance-friendly roofing. Our experience in the industry allows us to provide you with the necessary information to make, or avoid making, a claim with your insurance company.

When you are ready to treat your home to the roof it deserves, give Tyler and Onpoint Roofing a call today! Our experts will help you with everything you need to have a roof that will keep you and your home safe and sound.

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