Hurricane Harvey Roof Damage

Hurricane Harvey caused $125 billion in damage, spawned 57 tornadoes, and is considered the most significant tropical rainfall event in US history; dumping 19 trillion gallons of water on Texas. The extremely high winds and heavy rain associated with Hurricane Harvey caused massive amount of roof damage in the Houston area and throughout Texas. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are in need of Hurricane Harvey roof damage repair!

Areas such as Sienna Plantation, which were hit by multiple tornadoes, had dozens of roofs destroyed by Hurricane Harvey roof damage. Rockport & Corpus Christi also sustained massive amount of Hurricane Harvey roof damage. Hurricane Harvey’s legacy will be its disastrous rainfall (3-5 feet in most areas), but when it made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane, its 130+ MPG winds left behind a trail of destruction. Entire blocks were leveled and many homes were deroofed or experienced heavy roof damage.

Texas wasn’t the only one who was impacted by Hurricane Harvey roof damage. In Latin America & the Caribbean, there are multiple reports of widespread rood damage, including a church that was deroofed and even roof damage to a presidential palace.Hurricane Harvey Roof Damage - Black roof shingles damaged by Hurricane Harvey.

Hurricane Harvey Roof Repair

Hurricane Harvey Roof Damage - Female homeowner in red shirt looking at damaged ceiling from Hurricane Harvey with a roofing professional in a blue shirt.

Hurricane Harvey roof damage is a specialty of ours. Since the storm concluded, OnPoint has been helping our friends and neighbors recover from this natural disaster. 

Roof damage from hurricanes is not always obvious (missing tiles, shingles, slate, or panels) or visible from the ground. If you are even slightly suspicious of roof damage, it is highly recommended to call a professional roofing company right away. These types of issues tend to become more dangerous (and expensive) over time. The worst thing you can do is delay. Contact us right away to get  an inspection & quote for your Hurricane Harvey roof damage!

We are experts when it comes to Hurricane Harvey roof damage. If your home sustained Hurricane Harvey roof damage, contact OnPoint Roofing today!

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